Our Focus Is On Making You Win!


Established in 2002, SpireTech delivers powerful IT services and management solutions to small and mid-sized companies. Based in Dayton, Ohio, SpireTech began as a dominant IT solutions company and now provides a full suite of offerings including IT Services, Application Development and Consulting,as well as Managed Services for companies that want to outsource their IT function.

As SpireTech grew, we began to experience an exponential growth in business complexity. At that point, we built SpireTech PSA to help significantly streamline and automate our work—and maintain our high customer satisfaction levels.

Initially launched in 2006, SpireTech quickly exceeded industry standards and helped us significantly increase profitability.   When demonstrated at an industry show, SpireTech was so highly regarded that we made the solution available to Companies to be successful in implementing ERP software package

Since then, SpireTech has helped hundreds firms achieve the same high levels of service and profitability.

The Future of SpireTech: Driven to Help You ‘Own Your Space’ SpireTech was developed around workflow processes, and heavily influenced by the ITIL (Information Technology International Standards) best practices. However, we are in an industry that experiences rapid changes and downright seismic shifts every three or so years. So it is critical that your core business software not only support the way you do business today, but also anticipate how you will need to do business tomorrow.

We also know that each of us succeed in our individual IT solutions by leveraging our ‘local presence’ advantage against encroachment by “the big guys” who are always threatening to come and try to steal our customers. But they have scale of operation efficiencies that it is harder for each of us to obtain.

We, the IT solutions companies, will win by being agile! So we see our future in terms of a collective, meaning You, and Us. That is why SpireTech Partners are an integral part of the success of SpireTech. In evolving the product over time, we are committed to using your best ideas to drive changes for continual improvement. On our end, we committed to research and development. We gather your ideas daily through emails and phone calls and annually at our Partner Summit. That is our commitment to you, and that is our collective future.


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