As SAP partners, we will develop solutions that open new horizons.

Remember the legend of Babylon? They had lofty goals too... obtained the technology and logistics to build something great and at the end the project failed because those involved in the project could not properly communicate.

Just for fun, go ahead and have a German sentence translated into French by one of those online translation tools. Then have the French translated into English and the English back into German. The similarities between the two German sentences will be minimal at best. In fact, you may not even be able to make out the meaning of the new sentence.

However, a business process chain usually contains considerably more than just these three translation steps we used in our example. You will quickly realize that only people who have both – well-founded industry expert know-how and SAP knowledge – can come up with a solution that will deliver the desired results.

One individual will not be able to achieve this alone. It takes a team. Our highly aligned teams consisting of SAP experts and industry insiders will ensure that an IT Babylon cannot even develop. When industry and SAP expertise join forces, they create solutions that are tailor-made; regardless how huge or how small your company may be.

We see our role as that of a partner of international conglomerates and of medium-sized businesses. We speak our customers’ languages – becoming a trusted advisor by supporting you with professional advice, covering everything from strategy development to implementation to continuous optimization.

As SAP partners, we will develop solutions that open new horizons.

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