Training is a cornerstone of a successful project. The incorporation of an effective training program will facilitate the adoption of a new application, system, or process. Spire will partner with you to analyze training requirements, recommend the best approach, and execute a successful plan.

Spire training services will also help you understand the new or modified business processes that result from an implementation or upgrade. Our approach is to provide you with customized, process-oriented, role based training. Our training consultants tailor the training to the organization and the day-to-day operations for users of the new or upgraded system. 

Spire Training Consultants can provide one or more of the following training solutions, depending upon your needs:

  • Analyze your organization's end-user training requirements
  • Create an end-user training program
  • Develop a curriculum that incorporates organization-specific learning requirements
  • Develop a training plan to match the learning objectives
  • Develop project training and end-user support strategy
  • Align project initiatives with training goals
  • Match the training plan with the client's change management program
  • Identify the process areas where training is required
  • Identify the audiences that require training
  • Deliver training to identified audiences at appropriate times throughout the project
  • Offer a Train-the-Trainer (T3) program for client trainers
  • Offer training on how to best use UPK
  • Develop new content for the UPK library
  • Offer UPK training on document development
  • Develop training content in non-UPK format
  • Customize the delivered UPK content
  • Evaluate the quality and success of the training program
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