We at Spire understand that a system upgrade is often deemed “the necessary evil”, bringing little to no value to an organization, but rather is needed to maintain support.

The value of an upgrade is clearly not the same as the initial implementation – but that doesn’t mean it has to be a painful or costly endeavor. We offer a myriad of upgrade choices that are right for you.

We can work with you within your investment parameters to make this upgrade cost-effective and productive, whether we perform the end-to-end process or work with you to supplement your internal activities. We can also analyze the existing configuration to ensure you are getting the most out of your initial investment.


  • Upgrade Planning and Management – Confirm your drivers for the      upgrade to establish scope, costs and timeframes and we’ll manage to that      plan.
  • Analysis and Upgrade of      Customizations – Reduce      the costly maintenance and future upgrade of customizations through      adoption of delivered technology and work practice changes. Use our      automated compare reports to identify those on-line and batch      customizations that need attention.
  • Execution of Upgrade Scripts – Employ seasoned professionals      that can expedite the process through proven techniques such as splitting      temp table creation and alter without deleting scripts into multiple parts      and, running data conversions in parallel.
  • Testing – Deploy a well-tested system by      leveraging our test scenarios and test scripts built for your industry –      or take advantage of our automated test tools for execution through each      of your test moves.
  • End User Training – Update the skillsets of your      employees through delta training and demonstrations.
  • Production Support – Once you’ve upgraded on the new      release, we can deliver a change management platform designed to      ease the burden of future technical migrations and fixes in an automated      and compliant fashion.


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